5 YouTube Channels worth Subscribing

Nowadays the television has been replaced by YouTube. Especially the younger generation prefers YouTube over the tradition television. You can watch your favorite videos whenever you want, which makes it easy to follow your favorite YouTube channels without the stress of missing an episode because you are not free at the time its airing. It is very flexible and allows you to make your own watching schedule.

Over the past few yours YouTube has been growing and bringing forward some very talented people. It offers a wide range of channels about beauty, lifestyle, technology and comedy. You can find everything and once you find a channel your interest in you can subscribe and you will get notifications whenever they upload a new video. Every YouTube channel has their own schedule to upload videos, some upload twice a week and some upload every day.

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In this post I want to share top 5 of my favorite YouTube channels which I enjoy watching.


iiSuperwomanii is also known as Lilly Singh. I love watching rent videos and funny sketches where she dresses up as her parents. Her videos never fail to make me laugh and the rent videos are so relate able. She says thinks I am thinking but would never say out load.

She also has a vlog channel where she uploads daily vlogs about her day which show her real life and self. They also show how hard working she is and what does on behind the scenes. It’s like you are following her every day.


Philip DeFranco 

The Philip DeFranco is a new channel run by Philip. I like watching the show because Philip talks about news and pop culture in which he first gives the facts and after that gives his own opinion which gives you different point of views and you can decide for yourself what you thing about that subject.


Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate is all about lifestyle, interior design and DIY. She uploads fashion videos with DYI tips and tricks. But I personally love her interior design videos.

On her channel she has a few different shows like OMG we bought a house where she and her husband document the process of decorating their first house. Another show is OMG we are coming over where she and her husband go to their fellow Youtubers homes and help them with a room makeover. I love watching their videos. They transform old and boring looking places into really chic and modern looking rooms.


Daily Bumps

Daily Bumps is daily vlog channel of a Southern Californian family of 4 which shares their day-to-day life. The family includes Missy, stay-at-home mom, Bryan, a singer and songwriter, Oliver their 3 year old and Finley their 1 year old sons. I enjoy watching their videos because of their cute kids and because they are so real and uplifting.


Unbox Therapy 

As you can guess from the name Unbox Therapy is all about unboxing the coolest new products. These products are the newest smartphones, surprising gadgets and technology you never knew existed.  What I love about these videos is that after the unboxing follows a small review from which you get an idea if this product is worth buying or not.


I love watching YouTube videos while I am cooking and these are my go to channels.If you still perefer watching TV and need some new series to watch check out this post 10 TV Series To Look Forward To This Fall.

To Which one of these channels are you already subscribed? Do you have any suggestions for more channels? Do let me know in the comments section below.


6 thoughts on “5 YouTube Channels worth Subscribing

      1. I love “Superwoman” and I’ve heard of Mr. Kate – yet have not really watched anything of hers. Will need to totally check them out. Unbox Therapy looks so cool!!! Thanks for these suggestions.

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      2. OMG I also love her that’s why she is the first one I mentioned πŸ˜‹ you really need to check out both they are pretty awesome 😊


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