5 Things Everyone Experiences in Their Twenties

Being in your twenties is not as much fun as you would imagine it to be, in fact it is really hard. I remember when I was 15 I couldn’t wait to be in my twenties and be independent not needing my parents’ permission to go out or do stuff, have a job and buy whatever I want. After being in my mid twenties I have realized that growing up isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be because you face new challenges.

One thing I have learned so far is that the only constantan in life is change. Some changes are planned by us and some are planned by god for us. In any case it is a part of life and we have to accept it. We learn from them and they help us to grow as a person and become wiser.


I came up with five things which most of us experience in their twenties and most of us can relate to. So here we go …

  1. Finally done with studies

The first major event in our twenties is our graduation, which means no more classes, or worrying about homework or assignment deadlines and most importantly no more stressing about EXAMS. We finally finish our student life and step out into the world as educated young adults motivated and ambitious to change the world. It just feels great to know that you have completed this important part in life which will be the base for your future life and hopefully a good job.


So far everything is fun and exciting until you start your job hunt.

  1. The Job Hunt

Once you are done with celebrating your graduation and start applying for jobs that’s when reality hits you and you realize that graduating was the easy part and that real life starts now. This phase can be very depressing for some as they sent out hundreds of applications and CV`s and  receive one rejection letter after another. The hardest part about that is to stay motivated and keep on applying until you find a company who wants you to work for them. Once you find a job and start working there life starts to get back on track. That’s when you decide to take the next big step which is moving out.

  1. Moving into your own place

The decision to move out can be due to the distance to your workplace or just because you feel like it’s time you get your own place and start living like an independent adult. This will be the first time that you will be living on your own and doing all the housekeeping by yourself. At this point you will start missing your mother a lot because she was the one who used to do the cooking, cleaning and laundry. You might be totally clueless on how to do anything and will be calling your mother a lot to ask almost everything. Being independent and living on your own turns out to be harder than you thought.

  1. Money Management

The excitement of getting your first paycheck is just unreal. Spending money wisely is the last thing on your mind once you get your first pay there are so many things to buy and so little money. But at some point you will realize that you have bills to pay and you should probably start saving as well. Money management isn’t easy.

  1. Finding the one

Last but not least the most life changing thing. You might find your soul mate and decide to get married and move in together. This changes everything and you enter another totally new chapter in life with a lot of different experiences. Here you can read about my arranged marriage experience.

We all go through different phases in life; some are good and some are not so good. The most important thing is to learn from the difficult phases and be patient. If you have something to add to the list let me know in the comments. I would love to read them J

19 thoughts on “5 Things Everyone Experiences in Their Twenties

  1. Totally agree! My twenties were no cake walk, but I would never go back to school days. I’d still say that was the most stressful part of my life lol

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  2. I’m only a teen so now I know what to expect in my twenties! Thanks for the heads up. And it was so interesting reading your arranged marriage experience. It was really an eye opener for me and how different it is for you. Loved the post x

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  3. I can totally relate to this post! Your twenties is the most fun yet trying years. I’m only 23, but I can def relate to this lol. I’ll soon be graduating & I cannot wait. I have a boo & all and next comes life!!!

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  4. If you go to grad school, especially if you take some time off first, you’re still going to class and writing papers after your 20s.

    But if you follow a “typical” schedule of education, and stop with your bachelor’s, yeah, you finally finish school in your 20s!

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