Why Adult Coloring Books Are Awesome and You Need to Get One

What would you say if I told you that coloring is a form of mediation? Sounds weird right? Because coloring books are supposed to be for kids. Wrong there is a new trend of adults using coloring books to meditate and relief stress because it helps you to focus on the coloring and blocks other thoughts. These books are called adult coloring books.

Last month when I went to visit my parents my younger sister surprised me with an adult coloring book set, which contained a coloring book and 8 colored pencils. The pages are black and white prints which you can color with the colors of your own choice. There are also pages which have a small design that can be extended by you.



I was very excited to try it out I remember in primary school coloring was my favorite thing to do. It was surprising for me that I still enjoyed doing that. Once I started coloring I was addicted.

There was this feeling of letting go of everything. It felt like I was coloring my thoughts away. The more the page got filled with color the emptier and lighter my mind felt. It was the most relaxing thing I have done in ages. You just focus on the colors and the shapes so much that you don’t think about anything else anymore. It’s kind of a therapy which lets you express your creative side and it’s also good for your mental health. I am using it now to clear my mind and to step out of the thoughts, worries and stress for a while. It’s amazing and I would recommend it to everyone no matter what age.

Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest difference.

10 thoughts on “Why Adult Coloring Books Are Awesome and You Need to Get One

  1. I got engrossed into adult coloring books last year and lost count on how many coloring books I’ve done and some I’ve shared with my friends and never came back 🙂 Although the hype died down a bit, I still manage a page or two when I need to cool off or relax a bit. 🙂

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      1. What medium are you using now? I started with colored pens and love the vibrant colors they give, but I also mix in colored pencils. More recently, I also got some metallic pens that look good on details.


      2. I am using colored pencils right now. I like how you can control how intense the color should be by applying more or less pressure on the pencil 🙂 I like the idea of using metallic pens on details. Will try it as well 🙂

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