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The Housemaid: Comfort or Headache?

Who doesn’t mind having a little help in the household? In Pakistan it’s normal to have a maid, called Masi here who comes 6 days a week to help out in housekeeping. In Germany we are used to do everything ourselves cleaning, laundry and cooking so naturally it felt like a luxury to have one after…… Continue reading The Housemaid: Comfort or Headache?

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Cross-Country Marriage: A New Cultural Experience

After being married for almost 2 years I realize that I took this whole getting married thingy very lightly and that I wasn’t prepared for what was coming at all. I have never been one of those girls who have been dreaming about a fairy tale wedding all their life and have everything planed out…… Continue reading Cross-Country Marriage: A New Cultural Experience

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My Adventure of Driving in Pakistan

In this post I want to talk about my positive and negative driving experiences in Pakistan and how it was totally different from driving in Germany. I had a bumpy start with ups and downs but as they say practice makes man perfect. I am learning something new with every drive. Before coming to Pakistan…… Continue reading My Adventure of Driving in Pakistan